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Hey fellow innovator! Well, to begin with, here's a question for you. Are you a person who ‘loves’ making stuff or in our language a techie? Well, good for you! You came to the perfect place. So,” what exactly do these people do?”, is probably what your mind is asking you. We are basically a technology community which supports young innovators with potential to build stuff which needs all kinds of support. We provide a very innovative and liberal environment. We also give funds to selected projects ;) curious? Go ahead and learn more about us and our work.

First of all, you need to know that it is your interest that got you here. And that it will be your interest and curiosity that will help you go further ahead. Now, one of the major things you need to know is the purpose of a community. For better results on a project it is better to be surrounded by people who share common interests and skills. Including these,there are several other positive aspects of being a part of a community rather than learning individually. Moreover, if you are someone who is interested about learning modern technology and its utility , this is a platform for you.

Our main intention is to help our members build things in their own way in a collaborative manner and be free to express their point of view while doing so. With the help from experts and mentors we assure you that we will open a wider door of opportunities for you. Also,throughout this process we will have live online interactions,monthly,bi- monthly and annual targets.And by the end of this wonderful journey ,you will identify your capabilities as a young innovator. But most of all it's about having fun throughout this learning experience! :)


Youngovators 1.0-Beta version

Youngovators 1.0 - Beta version is a 10-day, free online event that comprises of mentoring and collaborating together to get a mere experience of our annual version. The Beta version is just like the trial version of our annual version. This event will give you a basic idea about how our community works. It will help you understand more about the advantages of working in a collaborative manner. We will conduct a competition or what we call a “Youngovator challenge” between 5 teams and the winner team gets selected for the annual version also without any registration fee.

Annual version


More Details on Beta Version

Each team will be assigned tasks, which is to be followed by the teams under the guidance of the mentors. There will be tasks such as project work, presentation, video making, etc. We believe in self-learning, students understand in a better way when they learn by themselves. Innovative thinking comes when they face a problem and eventually derive a good solution. There will also be confidence-building activities which is very important when we express our ideas. The Beta version will commence on the 10th of July and closes after 10 days, which is on the 20th of July. This will be a complete online event and it is fully free of cost. Registrations end by the 8th of July. The age requirement for this event will be 9 years to 16 years. Registrations are limited to 30 students only. And Each group will have mentors, where students can ask their doubts.

Event: 10 Days
Mode: Online
Date of commencement: 12th July
Date of ending 22th July
Registration: Upto July 10th
Cost of Event: Free
Age Requirement: 9-16
Who all can join: Any student interested in modern technology
Max number of paticipants: 30


Uday Shankar

Class: 11th,
School: St. Paul's International
Winner of Science Fair Saavishkar(RSET)
Maker, Speaker, Programmer

Anirudh Manoj

Class: 8th,
School: Bhavan's Adarsha Vidyalaya
Winner of Young Innovators Programme(YIP), IEEE hackathon
Tech enthusiast, Maker, Programmer


Gokul Alex

Lead Mentor
Global Blockchain Expert
Top 20 Global thought leader on AI,Quantum Computing,Cloud,etc.
Innovation Management Expert and advisor to startups etc.

Rahul Balachandran

Lead Mentor
MD and CEO at Inker Robotics
Tech Enthusiast
Mentor and Vlogger

Dr. Chandra Vadhana

Lead Mentor
Founder & Director , Prayaana,
Mentor at K-DISC

Vineeth Nair

Lead Mentor
Co-Founder and project lead at KuttyCoders
Co-Founder at Splitbit